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Le déjeuner sur l’herbe
“Mira El!”

American Realness Festival

 by Martha Sherman


"Look at this!” Antonio Ramos demands, in his naked, lewd, and extravagantly danced “Mira El!” Ramos’s work trains the spotlight on his – and others’ – bodies."  READ MORE

Stage Buddy

Antonio Ramos and the Gang Bangers’ “Mira El!” at American Realness

By Kathryn Turney


"Antonio Ramos and The Gang Bangers presented Mira El! last week at the Abrons Arts Center Underground Theater as part of the 2016 American Realness Festival. Mira El! commands the audience’s attention and prompts an investigation of identity, intimacy, and isolation.."



Antonio Ramos and the Gaongbangers present "Neverland"

by Eva Yaa Asantewaa


Ramos’s dancers—sometimes wearing wigs of glistening, fluttering Mylar or other minor trinkets and accessories—repeatedly, and repetitively, spill through the aisles or over the equally-bare stage, pumping and prancing around to lengthy dance tunes. Neverland  has that certain in-your-face quality. READ MORE


Choreographers Gone Wild

By Eleanor Bauer


"ME ME ME In the parody of epic proportions entitled “ME ME ME”, Antonio Ramos spares no one. He stuffs metaphysical pies in the face of Ballet, Modern (with a capital “M”) and contemporary dance, Puerto Rico, male homosexuality (in and out of drag), the Virgin of Guadalupe, and Barbie. READ MORE!"  READ MORE

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